The New “Flash Mob” of Philanthropy


Photo courtesy of Cristina Alfonso

It is Mother Teresa like, a humble and simplistic approach to all things “Love.”  Micro-philanthropy meets crowd-funding, social idealism, a Wayne Dyer like spiritual awakening, an “FDR” type call to action and Reaganesque resolve packaged up in the most practical and simple acts.  “Be Love” is built for today’s Millennial faith activists and their families.

Take everything you know about philanthropic activism and put it on its head.  The Be Love Movement is the quintessential “flash mob” of love, faith, social and community activism.  Gone are the days of the foundation board culture and the fancy titles, forget the “BS” rites of passage – no need for a resume here.  The Be Love Movement does not discriminate; rather it is an attempt to be overly simple and outwardly inclusive.   Sure, there is a philanthropic nature and effort – call it “micro-philanthropy” whereby every contribution is valued the same, not because of the dollar amount of each contribution, but because of the act of giving itself and its exponential effects.

Pure is the purpose, valiant is the cause; the movement aims to make a mark on today’s millennial society…call it social crowd-funding… Therefore, it engages head on, face to face, yet it strengthens and comes together via snapchat, iMessage, Facebook or Instagram.  There are no limitations for engagement, no stuffy board meetings – each participant decides how they can best help and chooses to engage in whatever manner they wish.  Each project has a singular purpose and is rooted in the act of pure love, compassion and kindness.


Photo courtesy of Cristina Alfonso

Who takes credit is less important; more important is how being involved “made you feel” and perhaps your willingness to “do it again.” The Be Love Movement makes a bet with society, a social gamble, that we as a people will respond to the pure acts of love with the fascination and intrigue we’ve put on the proliferation of “hate” and – hopefully – in the process create a new breed of leadership and philanthropist; however, “hate” as depicted by today’s media culture is only a perversion of who we are as a society.

Why? Because we can simply do better, because Be Love is rooted in the idea that altruistic philanthropic social activism can change the world, and because we care enough to try.

Words from Be Love