“Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”

Mother Teresa

Our Mission:

To champion individual, unassuming acts of love and kindness benefitting all, proving we can change the world

Our Vision:

A world filled with faith, restored by love

We aim to provide a supportive platform to those dedicated individuals wanting to make a difference in their communities, engaged in providing unassuming acts of love and kindness. We aim to lift them up, strengthen their resolve and support them into becoming tomorrow’s fearless leaders. The Be Love Movement has blossomed based on these three goals:

  • To give a platform to those wanting to make a difference
  • To spread the word on how you can give back and give love to your community
  • To inspire love by promoting generosity, love and happiness

Be Love will choose several projects a year chartered by individuals not associated with a charity or non for profit. We will provide support to these individuals by highlighting their story, efforts and goals via social media outlets and our website. The Be Love Movement is rooted in the belief that by embracing love, we will inspire others to create their own projects and engage in acts of kindness; “a world filled with faith, restored by love.”